Our Values

- Our Values -

From day one, Shacklands has striven to be a safe and friendly place for everyone in our community, with an absolute zero tolerance policy for any form of discrimination or abuse whatsoever. We proudly and steadfastly continue to uphold that tradition. You may have seen this sign as you walk in to the brewery in the past, and we have always meant every word of it.

Everyone on our team takes this to heart, and values the diversity of the community around us. Diversity makes our lives richer and improves all of our shared experiences. That being said, we are only as strong as our weakest link. As a brewery and an industry at large we have room to grow, and always welcome any feedback from our friends and neigbours.

We vow to stand in solidarity with anyone experiencing discrimination, abuse, or mistreatment of any kind and to work to promote safe and inclusve space at Shacklands and beyond.

The Shacklands team