Our Values

Since day one, Shacklands’ mission has been to create a safe and friendly space where anyone can enjoy delicious beer, listen to tunes, check out the “shelf of everything” collection of vintage treasures, and get to know their neighbours. More than just a brewery, we are a hub that cherishes and fosters the many voices of our community.

- Our Code of Conduct -

To ensure Shacklands is and continues to be a safe space, we commit to addressing any and all forms of harassment and discrimination. These are our non-negotiable boundaries:

¨ No prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group. This includes anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, Islamophobia, anti-semitism

¨ No discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression, including sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny 

¨ No ableism

¨ No physical, sexual, or verbal harassment of any kind

¨ No marginalization or discrimination of any kind

Any patron, visitor, or outside vendor unable to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave immediately. We also will not support or do business with any person or entity known to harbour values that contravene these.

All of our staff and collaborators are also held to the same standards. Any incidents of harassment or discrimination inflicted by anyone representing Shacklands will be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly. Please reach out to us at info@shacklands.com with any comets, questions, or concerns.

While we are committed to shutting down any behaviour on our premises that is offensive or marginalising, we understand that social marginalisation is not limited to specific incidents. We fully acknowledge that our brewery is owned and operated by cis white males who hold unearned power and privilege. We commit to keep challenging ourselves and holding ourselves accountable. Everyone on our team takes this to heart and values the diversity of the community around us. As a brewery and as part of a larger industry, we welcome any feedback from our friends and neighbours.

The Shacklands team