About Us

Shacklands Brewery is a cornerstone of Toronto's thriving Stockyards Brewing District, also known as the "Aleyards." Located at 100 Symes Rd, we're dedicated to crafting unique and award-winning Belgian-inspired beers, alongside innovative creations that fuel our brewers' passion.

From our flagship Saison Davenport, renowned for its refreshing and spicy notes, to the dark, hoppy, and eminently crushable 668, our team is constantly pushing boundaries to tantalize your taste buds.

Beyond the exceptional brews, Shacklands Brewery fosters a vibrant community hub. We host regular events like live music nights, trivia contests, and even karaoke, providing a welcoming space for connections and good times. Whether you're a seasoned beer aficionado seeking a stimulating conversation, or simply looking for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Shacklands Brewery is your destination.

Our name itself, "Shacklands," is a nod to the Stockyards District's rich history, referencing the humble shacks that once lined the streets. We're proud to be part of this evolving neighbourhood and remain committed to brewing delicious beers for the Toronto community.

Throughout our space's transformation, the core values have remained constant: exceptional craft beers, a safe and inclusive environment for all, and engaging events. Stop by our welcoming taproom for a pint, grab a 6-pack to go, or take advantage of our free local delivery on orders over $50. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on new releases and exciting events! We look forward to sharing our passion for craft beer with you.