Bottle Shop & Brewery Pick up




How do I request curbside pick up for my order?

Great question! After selecting your delicious beer, proceed to the cart and enter your shipping information. Continue to delivery options and select "Free Pickup". Here you will also find the date of the next available pick up. If you would like the order brought out to you, please let us know in the order details or by emailing Otherwise, we'll have it ready and waiting for you in the bottle shop!


Is there a minimum order?

Nope, nada, zilch!


How do I get my beer?

Just come on in and give us either your name or order number if you have purchased beer online.  We'll get it to you asap and send you on your merry way! If you want us to bring it out to you give us a call at 416-763-2424. 

Do I have to pick my beer up right away?

No. If you aren't able to make it right away don't sweat it, we'll hold on to your order and keep it safe. Come by during the next convenient pick up session and give us your name or order number. Just don't forget that you have delicious beer waiting for you!