Putin Huylo

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8.0% ABV
355ml can
Dry-Hopped Belgian Golden Ale

Can conditioned

Putin Huylo - roughly translates to "Putin is a Dickhead" in Ukranian, except slightly more rude

A big, bold, and hoppy 8% Belgian golden ale. Brimming with flavour and character, tons of deep stewed stone fruit, caramel, and spice. Off dry yet delightfully rich, it finishes with a bracing resinous bitterness.

The artwork on this can comes directly from Pravda and makes a statement that we can all agree with. This label can be found on their own bottles of strong golden ale, but Pravda has also previously manufactured Molotov cocktails sporting the same artwork to support the ongoing resistance fighting in Ukraine.

Proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to Pravda's "Brew for Ukraine" initiative, providing humanitarian aid and support to refugees and civil defence forces.