A contemporary take on a craft classic, assertively hopped with a distinctive Pacific Northwest hop flavour and aroma from Chinook and Palisade hops.

A series of one-off IPAs using different hops, yeasts and malts – details of each will be posted to Twitter, RateBeer and Untappd.

A classic Belgian ale brewed with candi sugar. Rich with dark fruit flavours and aromas with well-rounded bitterness.

A hybrid saison brewed with and dry-hopped with Citra hops from the Pacific Northwest, fermented with a traditional saison yeast, and lightly spiced with grains of paradise to create a crisp, aromatic beer.

A traditional saison yeast and a whole lot more hops than our Farmhouse.

A hybrid IPA, similar to Farmhouse IPA but brewed with a Belgian Abbey yeast.

A Belgian ale brewed with an abbey yeast to deliver the style's classic spicy aromas and flavours with muted alcohol notes. A surprisingly complex beer for a style that was originally invented as Belgium's response to the rise of pale lager.

A pale Belgian ale, brewed with coriander and a traditional Belgian abbey yeast. Retired.
After being an avid homebrewer for nearly twenty years and stay at home parent for 10, I started brewing at Bar Volo / House Ales in 2011, first as a collaborator and then as Volo’s “bug and barrel guy.” I was heavily involved in the 2011 and 2012 Funk Nights with some of both evenings’ most successful beers.

In late 2012, I began work on Shacklands in order to bring new beers and flavours to Toronto beer drinkers.
Shacklands beers are available at fine craft beer establishments around the GTA. Follow us on Twitter to find out who’s pouring, or simply check the feed below. Cheers.